Empress Elisabeth The Lady Diana of the 19th Century

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Vienna’s Carriage Museum plans to re-open on 2 July with its delayed exhibition Kaiserin Elisabeth Die Lady Diana des19. Jahrhunderts.

The museum says, ‘A pretty, young girl from the country conquers the heart of the world’s most desirable bachelor. Although as his wife she became a favourite of the masses, she was profoundly unhappy, and eventually died a violent death. This is the stuff that myths are made of.

In the recent past, all this applied to Lady Diana Spencer, who married the British heir to the throne and subsequently met an early death. In the 19th century, it was Elisabeth, Duchess in Bavaria, whose tragic fate as the wife of Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph touched the hearts of millions.’

In its YouTube video the museum says that in many parts of the worldthey’ve never heard of Sisi.  The best way to explain her fascination and importance is to tell them she was the Lady Diana of the 19th century.  Indeed there are astonishing parallels between the two women.

There is one difference between the two women.  Lady Diana was loved everywhere whereas Sisi’s death was mourned in Hungary but not so much in Austria.   The Austrians felt deeply for the Emperor when he lost Sisi, so soon after losing Crown Prince Rudolf. 

The carriage museum has a fine collection of Sisi’s magnificent clothing, carriages and riding accessories, as well as paintings of some of the horses she used for hunting in Ireland.  The display will include some personal items that have never been shown before.

Daily until 30 November 2020.   The Kaiserliche Wagenburg Wien is in the grounds of the Schonbrunn Palace.  


The Youtubes have English subtitles

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