Duchess Sophie in Bavaria 1847-1897

At first it looked as though Sisi’s sister Duchess Sophie in Bavaria would marry Ludwig II of Bavaria in 1867 but his strange behaviour such as turning up at midnight and his delays to the wedding led to Duke Max giving him an ultimatum: get married or the engagement would be off. Ludwig called the wedding off.

The next year she married Ferdinand d’Orléans, son of the Duc de Nemours, in Possenhofen. It was a happy marriage and they had two children. In 1869 they moved to Bushy House, Teddington, London which had been given to the exiled Duke by Queen Victoria. But most of their married life was spent in Munich.

In the 1880s Sophie fell madly in love with a young doctor.

She died in a terrible fire at a charity bazaar in Paris in May 1897 when more than 100 died.


Atribution Joseph Albert [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Duchess Sophie in BAvaria. Sisi's sister