Prince Rudi Liechtenstein 1858-1919

Sisi’s ‘handsome prince’ was her constant hunting companion during her visits to England and Ireland. He was born in Vienna, the second son of Prince Charles and Princess Francisca of Liechtenstein. Rudi was a fine rider, a popular member of the Austro-Hungarian Court and he enjoyed the confidence of both the Emperor and Empress. Rudi became a general in the infantry and joint head of the imperial household. As Lord Chamberlain he was responsible for administration and construction of imperial palaces and royal theatres and the Imperial Court Opera. Rudi set texts by Sisi’s beloved poet Heinrich Heine to music. In 1903 while visiting Vienna Edward VII made him an Honorary Knight Grand Cross and Rudi’s official title was: His Serene Highness Lieutenant Field-Marshall Rudolf, Prince von und zu Liechtenstein, First Lord Steward and Acting Master of the Horse to the Emperor. Liechtenstein had extensive estates and a castle at Moravsky Krumlov, near Brno, in the southern Czech Republic.

Attributor Wilhelm Förster [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Prince Rudolf (Rudi) of Leichtenstein