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Sisi In England is the first book to look at all of Empress Elisabeth of Austria – Sisi’s extensive hunting expeditions in England, and her love affair with Ireland.  Set against a background of famine and rebellion in Ireland and fraught European diplomacy, Sisi complicated relations between Austria-Hungary and Britain, snubbed Queen Victoria and upset the Viennese by her expensive absences.  Not only did she ignore Austrian Court convention by befriending gentry and English aristocrats, she became deeply and romantically attached to dashing English rider Bay Middleton.  

Sisi in England also reveals for the first time Austrian Crown Prince Rudolf’s extraordinary ‘Grand Tour’ of the British Isles.   During a mix of industrial visits and glamorous parties, Rudolf was the must have guest at every smart event during the London season. But did Bertie, Prince of Wales lead Rudolf astray to meet courtesans such as Lillie Langtry?   The book has an amazing cast of larger-than-life Victorian characters.

If you are a publisher (or agent) and would like to publish the German edition why not contact us now. Vienna has three million visitors to the Sisi Museums.

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